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Preventing Ice Dams On Low-Sloped Roofs

Oct 7

Ice dams can be a serious problem for homeowners during winter. You can prevent them from occurring by preventing water from accumulating. Gutter protection will help protect your roof, and will keep it in great condition. You can prevent problems from developing by making sure your gutters have been cleaned before the beginning of winter season. If gutters don't get maintained properly, they can leak and sag which can lead into more serious issues such as ice dams.

Ice dams usually form around your drains and along your roof's edges. This will cause ice to form ridges or blocks, and it will happen whenever there is a temperature change. This can cause heat loss through the roof, especially if it is poorly insulated. Poor insulation, poor roof ventilation, and inadequate air sealing will lead to ice dams. If not addressed, this can cause roof damage and other property damage.

You should inspect your gutters often as clogged gutters and slow water moving gutters will cause water to stop flowing. This is a problem in winter as standing water will freeze. You need to make sure water is moving. If water is left to freeze, or if it moves slowly, it can cause ice dams. This could cause serious problems for homeowners and put their property at risk. Water expands and becomes heavier in the freezing temperatures. This will make your gutters move further away from your house, which could cause cracks and other damage. This will not only decrease the value of your property but will also make it look unattractive.

Check your gutters for structural damage to prevent this. There are many dangers associated with ice dams. Make sure to check for dents or signs of sagging. This problem can lead to damage to insulation, cracked shingles and stained ceilings. You also risk water leakage into your attic or interior walls.

Ice dams can be removed by clearing snow off your roof. Make sure your attic is properly insulated and check your eavestroughs. Proper roof ventilation is an important requirement, as well as regular rooftop inspectionsCadillacs could help with this. We're experts in this area and can help you with all your roofing needs.