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How to repair damaged Roof Shingles

Oct 25


A sturdy roofing system is an essential element of your home's maintenance. It helps keep your family dry and warm and secures your home's belongings. A new roof could be an expensive investment. The simple roof repairs in Indianapolis will keep your current roof in good condition for a long time.


How often should your roof's shingles Need to be Replaced?

Any indicators of wear or damage should be dealt with immediately to stop water from pouring beneath the shingles and causing damage to the wood sheathing beneath. In the event of ignoring a problem even if it appears like it's minor, will increase the need for an entire roof replacement and could cost hundreds of dollars more to price.


These are the most commonly used solutions followed by Roofing Made Easy to repair damaged shingles, adhering to a glued-down shingle and replacing asphalt shingles.


1. New Roofing Shingles


  • Press down on the damaged shingle using an angled pry bar to remove the roofing nails.

  • If a piece of shingle is missing, you'll be required to replace it all. Check to see whether there are any shingles that haven't been replaced. Most likely, they were left behind by the building contractor or roofer. You'll need three-tab shingles or a bundle at a lumberyard or home center ($15 to $20 for 100 square. ft.). If you're unable to find the ideal match, go for the nearest match.

  • A Hammer, a flat pry bar and a utility knife, and a couple of 11/4-in. roofing nails are required for replacing a damaged shingle. Each shingle is initially attached with four nails. Once the new course of shingles has been put up, the nails from the course break through the top and replace the damaged shingles.

  • Start removing the first row of nails by gently lifting the shingle that is immediately above the damaged one with the pry bar to take it from the strip of sealant. Below is a photo of the initial row.

  • Lift the shingle upwards using the pry bar that is slid underneath the damaged shingle. Remove the pry bar and then press the shingle down and then pull out the nail once it has appeared to have popped up approximately 1/4 inch. Continue with the next three nails in an exact way. After that, use the prybar and push it underneath the damaged shingle then pull out the nail row following the same process. After removing all eight nails, remove the damaged shingle.


2. Roof Shingles What is the best way do you Shingle a Roof


  • To fix roof shingle corners that have curled, you can use caulking

  • Install the new shingle on top of the previous one. Check that the shingles on either side are aligned.

  • The corners of asphalt shingles often curve upwards or downwards when they get older. It is possible to glue the shingle with curls to prevent it from curving further.

  • Apply a dab or two of roofing sealant (about $4 per 10 oz. tube) on the corner using the help of a caulking gun. Install a brick on top of the tube (right) and leave the area for at least 24 hours until the sealant is dry. It's that easy.

3. Roof Shingles that have cracked


  • To attach the new shingle, raise the upper shingle and use roofing nails.

  • Repairing a shingle damaged or broken should be your first priority. Apply a thick layer of roofing sealant under the crack to begin. Apply a second bead of sealant on top of the crack. Press the shingle into place. Then use a putty knife to apply the sealant.

  • The best part about this fix is that it doesn't require people to find out you did it. It's simple to hide and look for an accumulation of colorful crystals that were washed away from the roof's surface from the shingles in the gutter. To conceal the damage, but some of them in a small container and sprinkle them over.

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