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4 Common Roofing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Oct 8

A roof is an essential component of a building or home. No mistakes can be made during its installation. A roof will protect your family and home. It will also provide security and peace of thought. Your roof should be flawless. Avoid these mistakes.

The Wrong Materials

Consider the slope of your roof before you decide on materials. If this is not taken into account, your roof will not offer protection from rain or moisture. Asphalt shingles will not protect you from the rain. This is why it's important to talk with a professional roofing company about the details so you can choose the right materials for your roof.

Incorrect Use Of Nails

Too few nails can have a negative impact on your roof's performance, and it can also affect its durability. An inexperienced contractor may use less nails to save costs. It is best to hire a reputable company. There should be no fewer than 4 nails per shingle. They can get loose and not be in a position to drain water. The nailing strip that is on each shingle must be used to secure it to the roof. Nailing too high or too low can result in a host of problems. If you want your shingles to stay put, nail strips are essential.

It is important to consider the winter climate

People who live in harsh winter areas should be careful as they could experience ice dams. These occur when heat escapes a roof and melts the snow. This melting snow will eventually freeze, creating ice dams. These ice dams allow runoff to get between the roof shingles. Professional roofers will inspect the roof and install it accordingly.

Driving the Nails Over or Under

Overdriven nails can damage the shingle, and allow water to enter the roof. On the other hand, under-driven nails can create gaps between shingles, which allows water to leak through your roof. While it is normal to want the job completed quickly, don't do it at excessive expense. It will only lead to more problems down the line.

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