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Install AC Ductwork In Columbus

Jun 23

HVAC Duct Installation: How to Understand the Process

Do you think it's time to install AC ductwork in Columbus? Your comfort is dependent on your ductwork, whether you are building a new system from scratch or replacing old ductwork that has reached the 20-year mark.

Your heating and cooling system is complete without ducts. They move the warm and cool air that keeps your body comfortable. Your HVAC unit can be thought of as the heart.

Many homeowners find HVAC installation daunting. It is not easy to do. Continue reading to learn more about HVAC duct installation.

Get Started with a Plan

Planning is the first stage in installing ductwork. They will create a plan for your home and map the connections.

Your technician will need to determine the heat loss and gain in each of these rooms during this step.

The technician will help you decide the best location for your exhaust vents, air conditioner, or furnace. You will also decide on the type of ducts that you will use. Most homeowners prefer sheet metal made from galvanized steel.

Make Duct Vents

Your technician will need to make holes in your wall drywall in order to create your duct vents. Vents that move hot or cold air from your furnace or AC unit are known as supply vents. Vents that return air to your HVAC unit are known as return vents.

These vents can be different in size depending on the layout of your home.

How to Order an HVAC System Online

If you are installing a new system, the technician will install the furnace, condenser, and air handler, after cutting the vent holes.

If you are replacing your ducts, however, everything will be in place.

Installation of the Ducts

Once the HVAC system is up and running, your HVAC system will provide a connection point for your ducts. Your technician will now begin to lay the actual ductwork.

They will avoid bends during this step as they can make your HVAC system less efficient. Your technician will try to retrofit the ducts from older sections that are still usable if you are replacing them.

Once the ducts have been laid, they are connected to your HVAC unit.

Sealing the System

Poorly sealed duct systems are a wasteful use of energy. Your HVAC system will need to work harder to meet the demand if air escapes.

Your technician will seal any leakages with mastic gum, or metal-backed tape in the final step.

HVAC Duct Installation Done Right

Every home should have HVAC duct replacement or installation. It's difficult to live comfortably without proper heating and cooling.

It is important to have ductwork installed by someone who is familiar with the details. Columbus Airduct Cleaning has been in business for more than 20 years and you can trust them to know what they are doing. If you have any questions or need to make an appointment, they can be reached via their website.


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