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Master Cabinet Refacing Kansas City

Jun 22

Cabinet Refacing: Will It Still Be Worth It in 2022?

Cabinet refacing can transform the look of your cabinets or your kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a great option for homeowners who want to update the look of their kitchen while keeping the layout the same. This kitchen remodel has many benefits, including a lower cost of construction and a more sustainable design.

This post will discuss kitchen cabinet refacing. It also includes details such as the kitchen cabinet refacing cost and the pros and cons of cabinet refacing.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet Refacing is a practical way to upgrade your kitchen. Cabinet refacing allows you to keep your current kitchen layout and cabinet frames intact while the frames are strengthened and the doors and drawers are changed with newer ones.

For strengthening your cabinet frames, 1/4 plywood can be used. This reinforces your kitchen cabinets' strength and durability. You can also choose to have your cabinets painted or veneered. There are many cabinet colors to choose from.

Cabinet Refacing gives you the opportunity to completely transform your kitchen in just a few days. A full kitchen remodels usually takes between 3-5 weeks depending on how large the kitchen is and what work needs to be done. In many cases, however, cabinet refacing can be completed in less than five days. Kitchen cabinet refacing takes less work, meaning that it causes minimal disruption to your home and the neighbors. It may cost half the price of new cabinets, which could save you money.

Is Cabinet Refacing Possible For Any Kitchen?

Cabinet refacing can be done for almost any cabinet. There are some things to consider:

  • You should keep the cabinet's box structure in good condition.
  • For veneers to adhere well, the cabinet frame should be smooth.
  • Keep in mind, that kitchen refacing is most cost-effective if you are only concerned about the cabinet faces. You will need to fix any other issues with your kitchen cabinets. You should then recalculate your expenses and consider a complete remodeling.

Pros Of Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing offers certain benefits over other more drastic renovation options. You might also have other reasons than these to choose kitchen refacing.

  • If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen, kitchen refacing works best.
  • Kitchen refacing allows you to keep your kitchen layout the same as it is, but make your cabinets look brand new.
  • Kitchen refacing can transform the style and color of your kitchen.
  • You have many options for veneers that you can use to enhance your cabinet frames.
  • There are many options for cabinet doors and handles.
  • Kitchen refacing can be an affordable way to update your kitchen cabinets.
  • Kitchen refacing costs almost twice as much as a complete remodel. You should compare prices, especially if you need additional work for your kitchen remodel.

Cons Of Kitchen Refacing

While there are obvious benefits to cabinet refacing, it is still a good idea to be aware of the potential drawbacks.

  • You might need to take additional steps in your kitchen, which may not be possible initially.
  • These additional procedures may increase the cost and time required to complete your initial plan.
  • You cannot make any layout changes with kitchen refacing. You can't add a peninsula or island to your kitchen, but they will increase the cost and length of your renovation.
  • The box interiors are left as-is during a kitchen refacing process. If you require additional shelves or maintenance for existing shelves, you will need to pay more for them.
  • For DIYers, kitchen refacing can be difficult. It is possible to remove the cabinet doors and drawers, and then install the new ones yourself. However, veneering can be difficult due to the exact measurement and lamination.
  • The drawers are generally replaced with new drawers.
  • These and other last-minute adjustments can have a significant impact on the overall cost.
  • Kitchen refacing is a great way to give your kitchen a new look and help you sell your home faster. However, it does not add as much value as other kitchen remodeling options.

Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Worth It?

Cabinet refacing can be used to replace outdated kitchen cabinets or drawer designs. A kitchen refacing is a great option if you believe that cabinet doors and drawers are the only problems. You can also search the Internet for ideas for Master cabinet refacing Kansas City.



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