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Rug Cleaning Midland TX

Jun 17

Oriental Rug Cleaning/Repair Texas

Regular vacuuming of Oriental rugs is a great way to maintain their beauty and extend their life. Rug soil can be made up of 80 percent dry particulates, which act like sandpaper and can cause damage to the rug. Animal accidents and spillages must be dealt with immediately. Blot the soil as soon as possible using a white cloth or paper towel. Use equal amounts of vinegar and water to blot the area again. Spot removers sold over-the-counter are too harsh and contain bleach. Spot removers that leave soap residue can cause rapid soiling if applied directly.

The Oriental Rug Importers of America recommend hand-made rugs be cleaned every two to four years. Rugs that are subject to heavy traffic may need to be cleaned every year. If the soil is not removed in this timeframe, it can embed deep within the rug and make it nearly impossible to clean completely. It is difficult to remove soil from thick rugs that have deep roots.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Midland TX

An Oriental rug should not be cleaned at home unless it is damaged by extreme circumstances, such as excessive weight or large dimensions. Rugs that are cleaned at home can collect dirt and another residue. The rug will quickly recoil. The rug cannot be washed in the house. Poor drying can lead to mildew in the rug.

It is tempting to try and clean the area rug yourself. Oriental rugs require a gentle, yet effective approach to cleaning. Professional rug cleaners are trained to deal with fine Oriental rug fibers. Rug cleaners who try to clean the rugs by themselves are likely to use too much pressure, damage the rug, or use the wrong cleaning product or utensils.

Fringe Repair

The most common causes of fringe deterioration are manufacturing damage, vacuuming, and normal wear. After a rug is cleaned, the fringe will be more obvious. Remove the sticky gunk which held the weak fibers together.
Although weak fibers can't be made stronger, they can be disguised or replaced. There are four types of fringe repair.
*Matching yarn weaving
*Attach pre-made fringe
*Put fringe under the rug
*Secure ends by stitching

Matching yarn for weaving

The Oriental rug is made with new yarn. Sometimes yarn can be used to make fringe knots. You can also use it to finish the rug's edges. It can be re-knotted if the nap has become worn.

Attaching Pre-Made Fringe

Attaching a new fringe to any machine-made rug will make it more durable. This is a cost-effective method to stop the end wear on hand-knotted rugs. A fringing machine is typically used to attach the fringe. Hand-knotted rugs can also have a beautiful fringe if it is carefully sewn.

Turning under the Fringe

Many people are happy to see fringe under the rug. Today's hand-knotted rug designs don't have fringe. High-value rugs have a high-value fringe. It is best to cover it with hand-sewn material. The stitches can be easily removed if the owner wishes to expose the fringe. You can trim the fringe or use an adhesive to hold in place newer rugs' end finishes.

Secure Ends

To prevent the nap from slipping out, either machine or hand sewing is used. This is a cost-effective way to preserve a rug while the owner decides whether or not to spend more money on a permanent repair. The appearance of the rug is not affected by securing its ends.


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