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Metal Awnings New Orleans

Jun 16


Metal awnings for commercial use are designed to shade your building and provide shelter. A wholesale shade structure company may be able to provide new awnings for your New Orleans-based business. A reliable metal awning company will work with you to create a canopy that represents your mission and values. These are some helpful tips to help you design a New Orleans custom awning.

Create a Vision

What should customers feel first when they see your metal awning? You must first have a vision before you install any shade structure. It is important to determine your goals for the awning. You might want it to be more visible on the outside of your business, or for advertising purposes. After defining your goals, it is possible to start designing design ideas and color schemes that match those goals.

Start simple

A metal awning can be used as an advertising medium to showcase your brand. The awning can be used as a sign to display your company's logo, name, or catchphrase. Although it can be difficult to choose from all the options, keep your design simple. Start with the colors of your company, then move on to other options. Don't forget that most customers won't pay much attention to the details of an overhead awning. You should instead choose a striking design that promotes the brand.

Use what you have

Each storefront is unique, both in terms of the exterior and the services it offers. Your metal awning should be able to adapt to your specific needs. A retractable awning is better for small restaurants with outdoor seating. A stationary, metal shade structure may be better for protecting vehicles such as your carport or loading dock.

Talk to the professionals

It is a smart decision to hire a professional to design your custom metal awning. New Orleans Roofing Expert Wholesale has many years of experience designing and creating beautiful custom awnings. We will surpass all your expectations. From concept development through to implementation, our knowledgeable team will take care of all aspects. Contact us today to start creating the metal awnings New Orleans that you have always wanted.


New Orleans Roofing Expert wholesale shade structures are fully welded and shipped assembled for a quick and easy installation. New Orleans Roofing Expert saves time and money on all projects, regardless of their size. New Orleans Roofing Expert serves clients all over the country, including New Orleans. The USA's leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier for commercial shade structures.


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