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The Craftsman Style, Organic and Functional.

Mar 25

The Craftsman Style, Organic and Functional.

Craftsman-style Kitchens are the most iconic style, with rich wood finishes and paneling. You will find an organic theme in these kitchens, using natural materials and a soothing, earthy tone scheme. Craftsman-style kitchens are a great option for homeowners who desire a mixture of contemporary and classic. This kitchen's homey ambiance is what draws many buyers to it.

A Craftsman Style Kitchen.

These kitchens are known for their Craftsman style. The kitchens are made from natural materials, as much as they can. These kitchens are crafted with skill and feature well-proportioned, well-made elements. These kitchens are often decorated with intricate stonework and woodworking as well other details that show the craftsman who made them.

In the first 20th century Craftsman-style cuisines became popular. The industrial revolution led to new methods of producing ornate furniture. Craftsmen (also known as Arts and Crafts Movement) emphasized natural materials that were handcrafted by carpenters and artisans. The movement emphasizes authenticity, harmony, as well as simplicity. This style has been gaining popularity recently.

Elements Craftsman Kitchens

This design style features strong lines. Exposed beams, as well as multi-paned and paneled windows, are very common. Others include:

  • Earthy color schemes
  • Built-in shelving
  • Wood flooring, countertops
  • Large hanging lights
  • Artisan backsplash

These elements create a harmonious yet functional design. They often flow from the kitchen into other areas in the home, especially the living room in an open concept home.


Craftsman kitchen cabinets are defined with straight lines and minimal ornamentation. A craftsman's kitchen's main feature is its natural wood. Cabinets made of durable, strong wood are the best. The original Craftsman-style kitchens were created from scratch. But, these cabinets can be costly and not within many homeowners' reach. It is possible to use premade cabinets of solid wood in this kitchen.

Cabinets in a craftsman-style kitchen have the same antique or traditional design aesthetic as other cabinets, but they are fully functional. Shaker cabinets and recessed doors fit the craftsman's design. Another option is to use glass in the doors of your cabinet cabinets.

Cabinets are usually made from maple or oak, cherry, birch, and oak. Wood can be stained or left in its natural state. Some grain may be visible. Gray cabinets offer homeowners an alternative to all-white kitchens. There are many colors available in cool or warm tones that match the base color.


There are many choices in countertop design. Common countertop options include stone, granite, and quartz in white, beige, and even a combination of both. The countertop color is usually white or pale beige. Avoid dark colors. They will make the kitchen seem more traditional.

As a nonporous and durable countertop material, soapstone can be used. Over time, it will oxidize. It can be polished to a shine finish or left as a matte finish. The Appalachians have been mining slate and soapstone for over 150 years. Many homeowners might find the local source of slate and soapstone appealing if they are looking to preserve their historic heritage.

Wood countertops can also be used for an organic, natural look. The top choices for Craftsman kitchens are black walnut and hard maple. It can also serve as an accent to the top of a kitchen island.

Color Palette

The craftsman movement's goal was to value fine workmanship as much as the beauty and beauty of nature. The kitchen color scheme for this type of kitchen is warm and natural. It includes white, tan (beige), sky blue, golden, and earthy browns. These colors are neutral and do not make a statement. It is also quite common to have white-painted wood.

Color schemes can also include exposed wood or river rocks. If so, wall colors should be complementary to any architectural details. Warm wood finishes like oak and maple are great for a craftsman-style house.


A craftsman-inspired kitchen trend is vintage hutches. These are pieces of furniture that display china and tableware. They add warmth to the kitchen and can be painted in an accent color or left natural unfinished. A craftsman-style home uses organic and natural materials for a simple yet cozy look. This minimalist design style will appeal to homeowners.


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