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Storm Damage to Roof

Nov 28

It can be difficult to choose the right roof for your house. You must take into consideration aesthetics, fire safety, energy efficiency, durability, as well as fire safety when choosing the best roof. A poor roof can cause rot and mold to develop in your home. This can result in property damage. A roof that is properly installed will give homeowners peace of mind, protection, beauty, and value, as well.

Homeowners, architects, and contractors have many things to consider, whether they are building from scratch, adding on, or rebuilding their roofs.

Like other consumer goods and styles, roofing trends are constantly changing. While a roof made from yesterday may make a home look old, the latest styles can keep it looking modern and contemporary for many years.

Your roof is an important part of your home. However, it can also be susceptible to leaks and stains. These problems can be solved with some amazing new roof products!

This is the first trend we notice in this industry. Ballast White Rhino Epoxy, a mineral-based coating has proven to be durable against hail storms and other weather elements. It also retains its original color due to a light ingredient list that consists primarily of spices.


Miller says that McMansions were characterized by elaborate lines and high pitch for many years. "And we even saw people altering old homes to fit the design."

The latest trend is low-pitched roofs with long, elegant lines. The traditional jumbled hips and valleys of shed-style roofs are being replaced by simpler, more elegant forms. Flat roofing or standing seam is both options homeowners can choose to make an architectural statement.

Storm damage to roof and other patterns can be mixed into some homes. Roofs used to be made of the same planes and covered with the exact same material. Homeowners, architects, and roofing contractors are already trying out different slopes and colors. A keen eye may spot three, four, or five different pitches, colors, and pitches in the same house.

It is not new that copper-colored roofs can be crimson or green. Some of the most sought-after roof colors are black, silver, grey, and bronze. Although any combination of colors can be attractive, the style of today requires a roof that contrasts with walls. Typically, a dark roof is required if the walls have light walls.

New Roofing Trends - Timeless Roofing Trends

Although many new houses have sleek lines and modern materials, they are not suitable for all properties.

Miller says that no matter what you do, a Victorian-style roof will work for a modern or mid-century design. Many homes have roofing styles and materials that have stood the test time.

Asphalt shingles are considered a "disposable" material by homeowners who intend to live in their homes for the long term. These homeowners prefer timeless designs for their roofs to ensure durability and sustainability over time.

Two classic types of slate and wood shaking are still very popular. These types have been popular since the dawn of time. Multicolored metal panels are a new manufacturing innovation that creates a similar look while maintaining the durability and efficiency of metal.

Homeowners who choose to have their home is shaken or slate look timeless are choosing to enhance the property's curb appeal and value.

Roofing Technology Trends Roofing Technology Trends

Miller states that technology advancements today have an impact on not only the materials and designs available but also how roof buyers buy their roofs.

Technological advancements have given roofing materials new colors and patterns, especially metal. New treatments are available for multi-hued wood and slate roofing.

Another breakthrough is the use of reflective coatings. These reflect radiant heat, cool dwellings in hot conditions, and reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. These innovations have led to changes in the buying process. Many homeowners prefer to conduct their roof research online and have virtual consultations with contractors.

Miller said that roofing companies are responding to severe weather trends by creating harder products that can withstand hail and high winds. Prescriptive housing rules and performance testing for roofing materials are on the rise. The right roof is essential to secure a home for the future, given the potential number of natural disasters in 2020.

Homeowners, architects, and builders are increasingly choosing solar-ready roofs, or roofs that have a built-in solar gathering system. The roof is a great place to collect solar power. Solar power is increasingly popular in homes. Pre-installed solar brackets and roof reinforcing are becoming more common. Miller says that a solar-ready roof can be inexpensive now, but it will save you money when you put in a solar collection system.

These are just a few of the trends roofing contractors and manufacturers are using to measure your roof without ever having to visit you. You can also use visualizer tools to allow you to "try on" different roof colors and materials in order to find the right match for your home.

Industries' Choose Your Roof products can help you discover your "roofing personality".

Miller predicts that these themes will be more popular in 2021, and they will continue to last for many years. Miller says that roofing materials are becoming more durable and it is important to select a roof with cutting-edge style and performance. The timeless trends include slate and wood-shaking designs as well as black or bronze colors. The creativity of roofing manufacturers around the globe has made metal roofs a leader in design flexibility and durability. The right roof option will give the house a timeless look that is sure to delight the homeowners.