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Nov 26

Do I have to replace drywall after water damage occurs?

Water damage is one of the main reasons for Drywall Houston Tx home replacement. Its low cost and versatility make it an ideal interior construction material. However, it is not resistant to water exposure.

Only in limited cases can  Drywall be kept after water damage. In many cases, however, replacement is recommended. The good news? Dwelling drywall can be removed quickly and replaced by qualified professionals with no impact on the structure. These are some examples:

Minor incident. Minimal water exposure. Splashes from an overflowing appliance or any other temporary incident that may cause water to splash are all superficial and won't absorb into the wall if they are dealt with quickly. You can wipe the wet areas immediately with absorbent towels. After that, you can use a fan or a towel to dry the area.

The drywall will become saturated if it is subject to heavy soaking. The material will usually deform, such as sagging and bulging, or collapsing. Even with intense drying techniques, drywall doesn't always return to its original shape. The gypsum inner core will lose its strength and crumble easily after drying. This is why professional water damage restoration includes the removal of drywall and its replacement.

Mold contamination. Drywall Houston Tx that has been exposed to water may initially look unaffected. However, replacement may be necessary if the problem is not caught in time. Mold growth can occur from moisture exposure. This can be seen on the exterior as dark spots and blotches. Effective biocides can be used to remove mold growth on the exterior of moldy drywall. If mold has entered the porous material below the surface, it is best to replace the panel.


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