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What Unprofessional Roofers Don't Tell You About

Nov 23

Integrity and honesty are essential to quality roofing. Incompetent roofing contractors can cause more costly repairs. Sometimes they will make mistakes about which you won't be notified.

This blog will address 5 common roofing mistakes that roofers aren't willing to admit. A little knowledge can make all the difference in how your roof performs and your safety.

  • Inappropriate Use of Nails

When attaching a roof to a building, roofing contractors in Phoenix AZ Advosy must adhere to certain guidelines. Sometimes, mistakes can be made and roofs are attached with the wrong nails. If a roof falls, insurance companies could deny your claim.

  • Nails too short or too long

  • Too small heads for nails

  • Attach nails to your roof above the self-sealing strip

  • Nails with no barbs on the shanks

  • Nails that were driven into cracks in your roof deck

These mistakes can have a negative impact on your insurance claim and increase the risk of losing your roof.

  • Shingles not compatible

This is a problem that can be found in many areas. However, you should be able to recognize it and quickly report it. Contractors who have multiple shingle dealers or suppliers make this a common error. Ask roofing contractors whether they have multiple suppliers. If they have multiple suppliers, you should be cautious. You can avoid this problem by hiring a contractor that uses the same materials you do.

  • Ventilation at the Attic

Although many homeowners may not realize it, your attic is an essential component of your roofing system. Contractors and roofers may not be trained to install proper attic ventilation. This can cause a variety of problems including increased energy bills and damage to your roof system. Before hiring a roofing contractor, inspect your attic space to ensure proper ventilation.

  • Roof Flashing that Isn’t Correct

Flashing is an essential component of your roof and protects it from the elements such as rain and snow. Contractors and do-it-yourself roofers will often cut corners to save money and time. To install a new roof, roofers can reuse flashing from an older roof. Even if your flashing is in good condition, this is a crime. Why is this? This is why roof flashing has a much longer history than modern roofing materials.

  • No Roofing Permit Is Required

Many business and homeowner owners don't realize that a permit is required to install a roof. You could face fines if you don't have a permit. If you do not have permission, your local municipality may require that you take down your roof. Contractors are often not professionals and will not care if you have a permit to replace your roof. You don't want to risk your permit for roof replacement if you own a home or a business.