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Nov 20

Types of Commercial Flat Roofs for Durability and Longevity


It is important to decide if your building requires a flat roof replacement. Flat roof replacement services are commonplace because of the variety of options available in roofing technology.


We are happy to inform you that there is a wider range of roofing options available that meet your key requirements. There are four options available to you when you speak with a roofing service provider. In certain cases, you may find a long-lasting solution that lasts 50 years. Commercial Roof Portland system can be installed that is virtually maintenance-free or less expensive than traditional systems depending on what you choose.


You can save money, time, and precious resources by making the right decision.


There are four types of commercial flat roofing that can last for a long time.


Roofs with metal panels


For Canada's harsh winters, metal roofing is ideal. They can radiate heat for up to four to five months in winter. The panels are sealed together during snowmelt to prevent water and snow from entering. The panels are lightweight, durable, and reliable with a shelf life of 50 years. Metal roofs can be made from metal or aluminum and are a cost-effective option for roof installation. A metal roof can also save money on utility bills in winter when heating costs are high. The best way to save money is through heat conductivity.


An existing roof can be replaced with a metal roof. This is an environmentally friendly option. It's not necessary to take down an old roof and throw it away in a landfill. Metal roofs can be recycled after they have served their purpose.


Roofs with Tar & Gravel/BUR/Tar


Built-up roofing systems (BUR) are made of tar and gravel. They cover the entire roof. The waterproof sheets are laid with a layer between them of tar. To achieve a completely sealed roof, you will need three layers. This roofing option is cost-effective and fireproof if you are facing a catastrophe. BUR systems will trap heat and prevent it from radiating into your structure. This creates a warm, stable environment and lowers cooling costs in summer.


Gravel will help in the water evaporation phase when there is water on the roof. Gravel will be able to allow foot traffic on the roof and protect it from any damage that may occur during work. Gravel acts as a natural barrier trapping trash and redirecting it away from drain spouts. If maintained properly, this system will last at least 20-years.


Asphalt Roofs


Industrial asphalt roofing systems are rolled on a roof. After installation, the asphalt is heated to adhere to the roof's surface and form a seal. It is affordable and easy to install, making it a good choice for those with limited budgets. The installation takes only a few minutes and is minimally disruptive to company operations. This roofing system has a life expectancy of approximately 20 years.


The system's installation process and maintenance/repair procedures are the best. Once the tar is spread, the rolls can be laid out. When repairs are needed, it's a step-by-step process. This system will save you money on repairs and maintenance and it will also be easier to use.


Modified Bitumen, Two-Ply


Modified bitumen two-ply roofing systems consist of a polyester layer or fiberglass sandwiched between two layers of asphalt with rubber added to ensure consistency. You can either use a torch to bond the components together, or you can install it cold. To bond the materials to the roof, the adhesive will be applied. Many roofing companies now use the cold installation method to install their roofs.


This system has many advantages, including its durability and dependability over time. It is easy to install and will maintain its integrity for up to two decades. Modified bitumen is water-resistant because it has a melting or adhesion process to keep water out. This technique is also important for its color. This system is lighter than other systems which help in reflecting UV rays, which can have an impact on inside temperatures. This system has proven effective over many years of service and can save you money on your HVAC cooling bill.


Flat roofing systems are economical, cost-effective, and offer great value for money. They are also long-lasting, reliable, and durable. These roofs will help you save money over the long-term on your building's operational expenses.


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