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What does winter weather do to your roof?

Nov 19

Seasonal changes can affect your home just as much as your body. In cold weather, your home will contract just like your body in warm. It is winter, and you need to start thinking about how to prepare your house for winter. This information will help you understand how winter weather can affect your roof. There are a few things that can affect your roof. These include snow, ice, and generally cold weather.

  • Ice damage

Ice damming is as frightening as it sounds and can pose a serious threat to your roof in winter. Ice damming occurs when snow and ice are removed from your roof by the heat of your house and the sun's radiant heat. This may sound like a good thing, but it can lead to serious problems. The roof's meltwater will freeze and flow towards its edge. Refreezing creates a dam that prevents more meltwater from escaping your roof. This can lead to icicles (larger ones), and gutters, roof eaves and shingles being torn. Ventilation is essential to allow cool and warm air to pass through your roof.

  • Condensation in an Attic

A properly vented roof can prevent ice dams, as we have already stated. Attic condensation can be prevented by solid roofing vents. Your roof may be experiencing ice damming, heavy snow accumulation, or heat buildup. In this case, warm air will flow through your home and collide with the cold roof deck in your attic. This could lead to moisture problems for your home. You can correct this by installing metal roofing or improving your roof's ventilation.

  • Water Stress and Snow, Ice, Water

Winter elements can come in many forms, as you can see. This section will discuss the main winter elements that can damage your roof, which is water, snow, or ice. Roof damage can be caused by snow accumulation. This can cause cracks in windows and doors, low ceilings, and even roof collapse. This can lead to ice damming, water leakage, and other hazards. You can prevent these situations by making sure your roof is in top condition.

  • Wind damage

The wind is another important consideration when considering roof damage. Winter is the season with the strongest winds. These winds can cause shingles to be blown off the roof, or shattered. If you live in an area that is vulnerable to strong winds, it is important to invest in durable, high-quality shingles.

Our hail damage roof repair service from Advosy can ensure that your roof and home are able to withstand the changing seasons. Our top-of-the-line metal roofing will be combined with metal roof vents to ensure your home lasts. Call us today to schedule a complete roof inspection.