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Nevada's top Public Adjusters

Nov 12

The Nevada Public Adjusters are responsible for investigating property damage claims. They assess the area to determine what coverage is available.

Select  Adjusters:

Select  Adjusters are licensed professionals who handle insurance claims. They advocate for the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process. They often assist attorneys and brokers who are not legally permitted to represent policyholders. Without the written consent of the insurer, taxes or other entities can't be included in a claimant’s case.

The inspector will take photos of any damage to your property. If you do not have your insurance company address the issue, this could be a problem. Imagine serious problems discovered during the inspection. Then, we will request legal representation using tablets. We will then contact the insurance company directly to discuss possible claims against their policy under certain circumstances relating to repairs to damaged property. They are the most respected public adjusters Nevada offers.

Brown and O'Haver Public Insurance Assessors:

When you're looking for insurance companies, it is important to choose someone who is trustworthy and local. Brown and O'Haver have been providing quality services for more than 30 years in Nevada, California, and Texas. The professional adjusting agency they manage is affiliated with NAPIA (National Association of Professional Insurance Adjusters) and RMAPIA(River Mountain Management & Professionals Inc.). These governing bodies have set guidelines for them.

Green Span Co. Adjusters

The Greenspan Company/Adjusters International is a licensed Nevada public adjuster. Their network specializes in helping clients navigate complex property and disaster insurance claims. They have a reputation of being a company that takes into account regional differences when handling every type of claim for homeowners and businesses on the West Coast over the past 75-years. Because they are experts on the insurance industry's conflicts of interest, we can help you get approved to file your claim. They thoroughly investigate all claims and prepare them for submission to insurance companies.


ClaimSide is a profile-based directory that allows policyholders to quickly find local people to help them manage their claims. ClaimSide member profiles contain contact information, reviews, experience, and other pertinent information. This makes it simple to quickly find the right person.

Best Insurance Professional Resources

Insurance professionals needed to find trustworthy lawyers to handle their litigation, adjust claims and investigate fraud. Best's Insurance Professional Resources was established in 1929. These initial listings quickly became Best's Insurance Professional Resources magazine. It included recommendations from clients in the industry who had been thoroughly vetted over time. Its outstanding expertise and wealth of resources have helped it rise to the top of the Nevada public adjusters list.


Nevada insurance adjusters deal with many types of claims. A fair settlement of personal injury claims and damages to property is an important part of determining the property damage value.